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Corporate Savings

About our Corporate Savings Accounts

If your organisation is located within our common bond area you are eligible to apply for a Corporate Savings Account. This is a great way to save funds for your organisation whilst supporting your local community. 

You can save by:

  • standing order

  • paying in cash or cheques at one of our offices or collection points.

How to open a savings account

You will need to fill in our Membership form and provide some identification to prove who you are. We require photo ID as well as proof of address, date of birth and national insurance number. If you are putting multiple signatories on your account we will need the same information for them also. In addition, we will require a copy of your latest minutes and your memorandum and articles. 

You need to keep a minimum of £5 in your account to keep it active, and can save up to a maximum of £15,000.

You can normally make withdrawals from your shares account at any time although we reserve the right to require a period of notice. 



Withdrawals are made by filling in a withdrawal form. They will usually be made via a credit to your bank account, or as a cheque. Small amounts of cash may be withdrawn at our office with prior notice.

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