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Lower cost loan?

More and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to borrow small amounts of money from high street financial institutions and that’s where First Choice Credit Union can help.


Your Loan

How do I get a loan from First Choice Credit Union?

Any member aged 18 and over can apply for a loan. 

Apply Online via your Nivo App 

Just type in messages "I want to apply for a loan" and the App will guide you through the rest


Or click the Loan Form button below, print the form, complete in full and drop into our service point or email a scan/photo of the document 

We will need to review the past three months bank/building society statements for any accounts held in your name.

The maximum loan amount is £7,500 for each member.

Applications will be reviewed and credit checks performed as necessary.

Non member? Please complete the form below and one of the team will contact you

Save as you borrow


With our Loans members are expected to save a minimum of £2 per week which is fixed against your loan balance and can only be accessed once you’ve fully repaid your loan or your loan balance is lower than your savings, allowing you to take out the difference. You are welcome to save for holidays, Christmas or special occassions additionally at the same time as repaying your loan but that is optional.

Which means that you will have a savings pot for those unexpected bills or for those nice treats in the future.

Non Member? Want to hear more?

Complete your details below and one of the team will be in touch 

Thanks for submitting!

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